Leila J. Levi

- Doctoral Candidate, Nova Southeastern University, Fischler Graduate School of Education 
   and Human Services National Ed.D. Program for Educational Leaders; 
   dissertation on Early College Enrollment and Rapid Acceleration.

- Certification in Computer Graphics, Interactive Multimedia, University of California Los Angeles, 1999 

- Master of Fine Art, Drawing, Painting, and Art History, and Education, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, 1979 

- Bachelor of Fine Art, Art History Emphasis -African Art, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA 1977 
- Middle Eastern Studies of Arts, Betzalel Art University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1972. 

- National Prodigy School for the Arts, Silver Smithing, Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, Michigan, 1969. 

Credentials of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
 Art and Art History, English Composition, and Introductory English.
California Language Development Specialist.
Professional Development and Special Qualifications
- 2002, Grant Writing and Fundraising
- 2001, Gifted Appropriations Bills.
- 2001, K to College Waiver Program.
- AB 2007, California Education Code 76001: Legislation and research authored by me regarding
early college enrollment of K-12 students, signed by Governor Davis in October 2000, effective
January 2001.
- AB 2206: Resubmitting.
- Design ongoing Senate Questions and Research involving Education, and changes to the
Education Code.
- Developed Sections of HR 637, a Federal Bill to provide million of new education dollars to the
- Authored Westside Charter School, and the Drop Out Academy Program.
- Authored and developed How to House the Highly Gifted, and other state and federal policy
- Grant writing, grant research, foundation work.
- Place over 300 students throughout the United States in college programs who are 5 to 12
years old.
- Over a hundred articles published about me regarding my efforts on behalf of education
- Curriculum development for Teacher training Programs at Santa Monica College, North Eastern
University, and Los Angeles Unified School District.
- Community meetings working as liason with parents for foundations.
- Impact Training.
- Teacher Effectiveness Training.
- Bilingual Certificate of Competency.
- Reading Comprehension/ Spanish.
- Oral and Composition/ English.
- Culture/ Spanish.

Teaching Experience/Educational, Lecturing, writing and Advocacy

- The Profoundly Gifted Institute, Director, 2001 to Present.
- The Jackson Academy, Director, 2001.
- The Westside Charter School for the Highly Gifted, Director, 1997 to 2001.
- Lecturer for The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children, May 2000.
- Authored AB 2206 and AB 2207, two new California State bills for the Highly Gifted, April 2000.
- Finalized HR 637, a federal Bill for the Gifted, April 1999.
- Lectured for The Gifted Development Center and The University of Colorado on Highly Gifted issues, June 1999.
- TapeLabs, Website Development 1998-1999.
- Accepted by Community Partners as a sponsor non-profit umbrella organization for programs for the HighlyGifted, 1998.
- Orville Wright M.S.,1991 to 1995 Teacher of Art, English, E.S.L., Art Production,
- Art Department Chair, Developed Humanities Art Curriculum.
- Bilingual Translator for School Site Council, Shared Decision Making and Parent Letters.
- Cal State Dominguez Hills,1993 and 1995 Teacher Workshop on Special Education in the Regular Classroom.
- Virgil M.S. 1984 to 1991 Teacher of English, E.S.L., Art, Art Production, and Special Art a program authored and developed through SB65 for "At Risk Inner City Youth".
- Barnsdale Art Center taught workshops for Teachers on Paper Making, Techniques, and its Multicultural History.
- Carver M.S. 1983-1984, Taught English, History, E.S.L.

Awards/ Exhibitions

2001, Recognition Award for Exemplary Work in the Field of Education, Johns Hopkins University.
1995, Outstanding and Dedicated Service Award, LAUSD.
1994 and 1992, Contribution to Special Education, Cal State Dominguez Hills for contributions to program
development, mainstreaming, and recognition.
1993, Kids Choice Award For Best Teacher of The Year.
1980, One Person Show, College of The Sequoias, Visalia, CA.
1971-1972, Group Show, The Louvre, Paris, France.
1971, Purchase Award, State of California Education Department, Sacramento, CA.

About My Education Work

California Department of Education Refuses to Provide Free Education to Child Prodigy. While offering a free and equal education to special education and regular students, the CDE refuses to provide a free education to a 14-year-old highly gifted child. The CDE is refusing to pay for his education at UCLA, even though it is alleged that this is the only suitable education for him., 2004., 2004

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