Highlights about Leila Levi's Education Leadership, July 2003

" Leila Levi was identified on CNN during her televised interview in June of 2002, 
   as an Education Crusader for her legislative work and writing of new bills and 
   education code to solve educational access issues. 
   (Leila Levi: Education Crusader)
" She has been called a Political and Policy Entrepreneur by the California State 
   Legislature as well as members from across the United States from the gifted 
" Leila has been interviewed and discussions and arguments regarding her work
   have been debated, by Superintendents from states such as New York, by every
   major news station.
" There have been dozens of newspaper and journal articles written across the
   United States regarding her leadership and advocacy.
" She wrote the highly Gifted section of the new federal gifted bill, HR 637, that 
   became the new Javits Act which is now part of the Federal Education Act in 2001.
" She has rewritten 19 sections of the education code in California. One was signed 
   by Governor Davis in 2000.
" She has filed multiple class action lawsuits with the United States Department of 
   Education, Office of Civil Rights, to clarify policy when there was ambiguity in the
   code, to help establish leadership when there was a need within the California 
   education community.
" She has begun the first early enrollee program for 5 to 16-year olds working 
   at college level in the world.